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Aviator is a Facebook game created by Landshark Games where the player concentrates on establishing and stabilising his/her airline while assisting his/her uncle (a man depicted in military uniform) and helping friends, clients and contacts as he/she goes around the world.

The game starts in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 1931; the player (either on aviator or aviatrix depending on the player's choice) has spent all of his/her money on a German-made Junkers W 34 in order to start an airline transporting both passengers and cargo (either packages from the city/town depot or goods bought by the player at the market.) The player's uncle helps him/her along the way as he/she start transporting passengers and cargo.

The player is expected to gradually expand his/her airline's routes and replace the Junkers W 34 with gradually better aeroplanes. As the player travels around the continent he meets many people which in turn lead him into missions which give both experience (level-up) points and story completion percentage.

Progression Edit

After the Africa storyline is complete the player goes onto Europe where he/she follow a similar pattern to the one observed in Africa. After Europe comes North America, Asia, South America and finally Oceania.

At the end the player will have an extremely successful international passenger/cargo airline and a lot of money to account for that all while having incredible experiences such as: photographing animals from above in Africa, accidentally aiding the Soviet and German governments in Europe, aiding disaster victims in North America, endlessly sponsoring avid explorers in South America and joining the Australian Aerial Medical Service

Continents and Cities Edit

The playable continents within the game, in chronological order, are:

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Oceania

Cities appearing in the game are listed by continent in the link above.

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